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      As your needs increase for sourcing products overseas from China, and all over Europe, we can help! Going overseas means you will have access to very unique products, sometimes at unbelievable prices. Please do allow for extra production time as some of these items are made to order from scratch. Please reach out to one of our product specialists, and we will help you through the entire process, making it simple for you to access some amazing imported promotional products for your companies logo. These items often can be decorated in a number of custom fashions from screen print to laser engraving and so much more! 

At Pure, we have been sourcing products overseas since the early 1980's when the most popular promo items were patches, lapel pins, satin jackets, and custom teddy bears. Fast forward to 2017 and we can bring in nearly any promotional item made overseas. Our strong ties within the industry have allowed us to ship items all over the world! In 2003, Pure Promotions shifted much of it's focus to finding quality overseas manufacturers, and has since brought millions of items by boat to the USA. We relocated to Portland Oregon as our headquarters, with the port being readily accessible, we visit there regularly to pickup and deliver merchandise.


china shipping boatChina - Primary source for overseas promotional items, both low and high cost, but volume is the key. Don't think China as just the cheap stuff either...they also make alot of high end electronics and daily use items. Search for imported Chinese products now Search Here. We adhere to the PPAI guidelines of ethics, as do our suppliers.

canadian imports

Canada - Our northern promo partner. We have factories on both sides of the border, so we can accommodate shipments to our neighbors to the north with ease.


swiss pens

Switzerland - One of our most favorite promo pens is made in Switzerland, they are truly beautiful Prodir Pens - Yep we can get you these!


Mexico - Our southern neighbors are also putting out a number of really great promo items in the low to mid price points. Here is one of our favorite, NUKS custom products.

If you are interested in importing items from a particular country, please contact one of our sales professionals. Contact us.