Whats your sign?

  • Apr 4, 2017

"Signs, Signs everywhere the signs......?" Five Man Electric Band made famous that one hit wonder in 1970 and it still applies today even more so.

Standing in the Las Vegas airport terminal I could not help but notice the plethora of advertisements and the styles that were used. Giant Video Screens, Feathers, Neon, Glitter, Motion or illusion I was bombarded with suggestions as to where or what to eat, how and where to travel, did I want the best nights sleep ever (as opposed to what?) or was I in need of company for the evening?

"...do this don't do that can't you read the signs?"


As I reflected on that trip I recalled the advertisements in the cab, on the plane and the creative billboards to and from the airport, every booth at the trade show and the mattress guy standing on every other corner  battling it out for position with his giant spinning  arrow next to the pizza guy playing his air guitar, MORE SIGNS!

Signs get noticed, they present something that we may or may not need. They serve as temporary landmarks with directions to grandmas garage sale, they tell us if we need to put chains on our tires before we tackle the pass and on and on and on and we read them.

Sign choices can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. A teardrop flag planted securely in the grass in front of your office, a giant inflatable on top of your building or you can hire a high school student, give him a guitar shaped pizza sign and tell him it's his big break.


What's your sign?


Now if can only get that stupid song out of my head!






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