Have a good reason

  • Mar 17, 2017

After decades in the promotional products and apparel industry I have personally experienced the good, the bad and the sometimes just plain weird reasons why a company will choose a particular product or garment.

In the course of my blogs I will share some that I am sure will either benefit you or make you chuckle.

Let me illustrate.


I received a phone call one afternoon in July from a secretary of a major casino/hotel owner and was asked if we carried a particular brand and color of a well known golf shirt and of course we did.

The color was not neon but not far from it and as I was speaking with her I asked if any other colors would be of interest since all 12 shirts were for the same person to which she replied

"I don't know if you have been reading the news but Mr. "X" was in a terrible boating accident at Lake Tahoe and was under 25 feet water for 8 minutes."

Of course I heard, I thought, anyone who reads the news knew about this boating accident.

"Well" she continued "Whenever he goes out boating he will only wear this shirt because he knows it can be seen in at least 25 feet of water."

It really was the reason the rescuers spotted his body and were able to resuscitate him as he was not expected to survive. 

How do you argue that logic?

So have a good reason for whatever product or wearable you select.

You never know it might just save your life.


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