Management Team

Over the past 15 years we have had the privilege of working with some amazing people. Below is the core group that has been with Pure for the long haul. 

Isaac Bowen - Founder

Isaac has been part of the printing/advertising/promotional products industry since just a wee lad. His first real job was helping his father out in their t-shirt screen printing shop in 1992. "When the t-shirts came off the dryer they were so hot that they burned off my fingerprints." Starting at the ground floor was hard work, but it showed Isaac every part of this business from the bottom and then working his way up to Pure Promotions, Inc which he founded in 2004. 

Isaac is dedicated to serving customers both locally and abroad. He'll do whatever it takes to get the job done exactly to his customers specifications, and his 15+ years of experience means he knows exactly the right buttons to push.
Contact Isaac:
cell 971-998-7242

Erika Bowen - CFO/CO-OWNER
That's right, a husband and wife team that defies most traditional definitions of a ma and pa store. Erika brings charm and brains to the Pure equation. Erika joined forces with Pure in 2012. With a solid background in the banking industry and a love for getting things done right, Erika runs the finance/credit department. Her financial knowledge helps Pure Promotions navigate the tricky world of supplier management.
Contact Erika:


Cathy Bowen - VP Sales Newberg, OR

People very often call and ask to work directly with Cathy. It may be her motherly nature that is so alluring, but Cathy always seems to have a smile on her face ready to help with any project. Cathy has the most experience in the entire company, she was owner of one of the largest Promotional Products companies on the west coast, producing many pieces dating back to the early 1980's. 
An unknown fact about Cathy is that she is a former multi state championship foosball player! That's right, in the 70's Cathy was playing professional foosball, and winning too! If you place an order with her, she may show you a thing or two, just don't play for money. 
Contact Cathy:
Troy Johnson - Promotional Consultant
Troy is not only a veteran to our US Navy, but also to sales and customer service. He has a keen eye for detail and a knack for figuring out how an organization can see amazing ROI on their promo and premium items. 
Contact Troy:

The Research Team:

Tucked away securely, the Pure research team is ready to research and develop your project. Our team of research professionals will take in all the data(target audience, budget, print requirements, event date and details) and spit out some amazing ideas. Test them out today, contact Pure with your request and they will find just the right item to fit your needs.


Art Team

Our in house artists consist of Isaac and Ronald, but our partnerships with local artists allow us to meet any scope of work from full color custom art to simple vector logo design and touch up.


The Shipping, mailing, and Fulfillment team:

This team is getting more and more busy each day. In 2014 we decided that we needed to offer this service for our customers. This team is involved with storage, fulfillment, and individual project mailings.